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Gophie is the Open Source Gopher browser

for Windows, macOS, Linux and many more operating systems with Java support. Gophie allows you to navigate the Gopherspace, read text, watch images and download files with the integrated download manager. If you don’t like what you see, then Gophie is also fully customisable!
Download Gophie for Windows
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Gophie Screenshot on Mac and Windows
100% Protocol Support
View all 16 item types
Customisable interface
Change colors and fonts
Integrated download manager
Multiple parallel file downloads
Search functionality in Gophie

Full 100% Gopher protocol (RFC 1436) support

Gophie supports all Gopher protocol items from the gophermenu including any images, search functionality, binary file downloads, telnet sessions and many more. Gophie launches your favourite media player for media files, so you can enjoy them best. Telnet sessions are also launched through your operating system with the telnet application of your choice.
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Gophie is Open Source under the GNU GPLv3 License

You can use Gophie under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3.0 which not just allows you to use Gophie free of charge in any way you like, but also allows you to use Gophie’s source code, make changes or contribute to Gophie.

Fully customisable user interface

Pick the colours and fonts you like to adjust Gophie’s appearance to your taste and system styles.
Light theme for Gophie
Grass theme for Gophie
Pink theme for Gophie

Gophie is written in plain Java for anyone and any system

The use of standard Java does not just give Gophie maximum flexibility and compatibility with any operating system or Java compiler out there, including older versions, but also allows more developers understand Gophie’s code.
Search functionality in Gophie

Integrated download manager

Whether it is that funny music file from a hacker musician, the recording of the conference you wanted to download or simply documentation about your favourite mainframe from the 60s. Gophie has an integrated download manager and also allows launching files directly with the corresponding application registered in your system for handling the file you want to download. MP3, Ogg, MP4, PDF etc. are no problem.